Allen Krantz: composer/guitarist

Allen Krantz is a composer and classical guitarist with a special interest in chamber music. He has written numerous chamber works with many featuring the classical guitar.


Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Guitar op. 48.  Premiered by the Philadelphia Chamber Ensemble 3/31/17.

Five Modal Etudes for Solo Guitar op. 47

Sonata for Cello and Guitar op. 46

Quintet for Guitar and Strings op.45

Trio Sonata op. 44 for Flute, Violin, Cello and Guitar. Commissioned in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Gretna Music.  Premiered at Gretna Music 7/5/15.

Broken Siren op. 43.  Song for Soprano, Viola and Piano.  Commissioned by David Lang. Premiere in Quebec, Canada, 7/15.

Marilyn Cycle op. 42.  A setting of poetry by Marilyn Monroe for high voice, clarinet, cello and piano. Commissioned by the Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association. Premiered at Gettysburg College 6/14.

One Art op. 41 and 41a.  Guitar solo and also song for medium voice and guitar.   Commissioned by David Reynolds.  Premiered in Hawaii 1/14.

On the Road op. 40 for medium voice and piano. Commissioned by Lyric Fest. Premiered at Academy of Vocal Arts 11/12.

Little Elegy op. 39 for high voice and string qt. Commissioned by Lyric Fest. Premiered at Philadelphia University 10/11

Only A Number op. 38 String Quartet Score for Documentary Film. 2011 Premiered at Garden State Film Festival.

Quartet for Piano and Strings op. 37 Commissioned by Paul Merluzzi. Premiered at Music at Gretna 8/11

American Document op. 36. Commissioned by the Martha Graham Dance Co. Premiered at the Joyce Theater, NY, NY 6/10

Three Pieces for Chamber Orchestra op. 35.  Commissioned by the Newtown Chamber Orchestra with a grant from the American Composers Forum. Premiered in Newtown, PA 10/09

Passacaglia for Trombone, Guitar and Piano op.34.  Commissioned in memory of Glenn Dodson by Susan Dodson. Premiered by Joseph Alessi at Glencairn Cathedral, PA 5/10

Metal and Wood for flute, viola, guitar and bass op. 33. Premiered by Dolce Suono Chamber Ensemble, Philadelphia 10/08

A Musical Walk for narrator, flute, horn, bass, vibraphone and marimba. op 32, 08. Children's piece commissioned by the Philadelphia Orchestra Association. Premiered at the Academy of Music, Philadelphia 4/08

Sacred Places for solo guitar op.31, 2007. Premiered at Arcadia University, PA 3/08

A Few of My Favorite Things for string quartet op. 30, 2006.  Premiered at Bethlehem Chamber Festival 10/08

Five Piano Pieces op. 29, 2006

Introits for Guitar and Viol Consort (or String Quartet) op.28 Commissioned by the American Society of Ancient Instruments 4/05

Trio for Violin, Cello, and Guitar. op. 27 Commissioned by Lynn and Eric Henson. 11/04

Symphony: In the Air for Orchestra. op. 26. Commissioned by Musica 2000 with a Five County Arts Fund grant and support from the American Composers Forum. 2003-4  

Under One Roof Trio for Violin, Trumpet and Pno in Celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  American Composers Forum grant. op. 25. 2002

James the Captain Cook Pig for narrator and septet. op. 24. Commissioned by 1807 & Friends. 2002

Nocturne for Viola and Guitar. op.23. Five County Arts Fund grant. 2001

Song of Spring with little variations and fantasies. op.22. Commissioned by Lois Herbine for piccolo and guitar. 2001

Five Songs of High School for a capella choir. op. 21. American Composer’s Forum grant. 2001

At Gretna for chamber orchestra. op. 20. Commissioned by Music at Gretna, 25th anniversary. 6/25/00

small symphony for string quartet and electric guitar. op. 13a.  Premiered by the Wister String Quartet and Allen Krantz at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Sq., PA3/22/00. 

Innocence and Experience for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra. op.19. Commissioned and premiered by the Newtown Chamber Orchestra, Newtown, PA2/27/00. 

Winter Music for clarinet, harp and guitar. op. 6b. Premiered by the Philadelphia Chamber Ens. 2/6/00

Summer Music for String Orchestra. op.18, 1999.  Premiered at Ottawa University, KS 6/99. 

Without Borders for Solo Piano. op.17. Commissioned by Clipper Erickson.  Premiere at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Sq., PA on 10/11/98. 

An American Town for String Orchestra. op.16. Commissioned by the Village Bach Festival, Cass City, MI. Premieres on 11/21/98 at the Union of Composers, Moscow and Cass City, Michigan, 11/27/98. 

The Cryptic Composition of Sherlock Bach for narrator, oboe, horn,vln,cello,pno.  0p 15. Commissioned and premiered at Music from Gretna, Elizabethtown College, PA 1/31/98. 

Little Elegy with Books and Beasts for high voice and guitar.  op.14. Premiered 11/25/97 at the Village Bach Festival, MI.  Quentin Quereau, tenor. 

small symphony for saxophone quartet and guitar(electric). op. 13. Commissioned by Music at Gretna and premiered by the Resounding Winds and Allen Krantz8/18/96. 

Aria for flute, guitar, bass and strings. op 12. Commissioned and premiered by the Amerita Festival, Philadelphia, PA 5/1/96. 

In Five for flute, oboe, bassoon, cello and piano.  op.11. Commissioned and premiered by 1807 & Friends, Philadelphia, PA 3/96. 

String Quartet.  op. 9. Premiered by the Wister String Quartet at the German Society, Phila, PA 5/96. 

Advice to the Players for narrator/dancer and mixed ensemble. op.10.Premiered at Duke University, Durham N.C. 6/22/95 by the Mallarme Chamber Players. 

Chaconne for String Quartet.  Premiered by the Society of Ancient Instruments at the Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DE 12/1/94.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

anyone lived in a pretty how town for narrator/dancer and chamber orchestra. op. 5. Saratoga Performing Arts Center, NY, August 21, 1994. Charles Dutoit conducting members of Philadelphia Orchestra.  Janet Eilber, dancer/narrator and Allen Krantz, guitar.                                                                                                                 

Now I Become Myself for soprano, dancer and mixed ensemble. op. 8.  Commissioned and premiered by Music at Gretna, Mt. Gretna, PA 7/94. Penelope Jensen, sopr, Janet Eilber, dancer.

Elysian Plain for Clarinet and Cello. op.7.  Modern Dance score with Lisa Bardarson.  Premiered at the Forum Theater, Philadelphia, PA 5/12/94. 

Of Two Minds for string quartet.  Premiered at Long Beach College, CA 4/14/94.

Sonata for Violin and Guitar. op. 6. Premiered at Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown PA., 10/12/93. 

Intermezzo for flute and guitar. op.4. In Memory of William Smith. Laurel Hill Concerts By Candlelight, Phil, PA 6/93. Deborah Carter and Allen Krantz. 

Quartet for Guitar and Strings.  op. 3. Premiered by 1807 & Friends, Philadelphia, PA 3/93

Summer Music for flute and guitar.  0p 2. Laurel HillConcerts by Candlelight Series, Phil, PA 7/92.   

Little Elegy with Books and Beasts for sopr, vln and cello. Op 1. Premiered by 1807 & Friends, Phil, PA 4/92.