Allen Krantz: composer/guitarist

Allen Krantz is a composer and classical guitarist with a special interest in chamber music. He has written numerous chamber works with many featuring the classical guitar.

An American Town “is a wonderful piece that rests easy on the ears and touches the soul”

                                                   The Saginaw News, MI

An American Town“was a very high point in our festival...a remarkable work”                             

                                   The Moscow Union of Composers

Advice to the Players“The music is lean and clear, something like L'Histoire in its asperity, and full of American rhythms and impulses”                      

                                                       Philadelphia Inquirer                                         

anyone lived in a pretty how town...a highlight of the weekend...This cummings-inspired work is remarkable in its own right and because Dutoit thinks enough of it to have led it here and elsewhere...”  

                                 The Spectator, Raleigh-Durham, NC                                                                                                Sonata for Violin and Guitar" eminently satisfying sonata by a composer interested in writing music people will want to hear... It's sweet and singing without being lush and saccharine, and dramatic without being showy.”                                                                                        Philadelphia Weekly                                                                                                            Summer Music for Flute and Guitar“...a score notable for its melodic grace and musical variety.”                              Trenton Courier-Post, NJ